Coffee Break

Coffee, coffee, coffee 
My hands smell like coffee! 
Berry stained lips 
Bean stained hands 
Americano aroma 
I smell like the ground 
I smell like the earth 
Macchiato nails and 
Cappuccino palms 
I stretch them to the sky 
In awe of You and Your creation 
My tiredness is quenched 
My thirst is gone 
You fill my spirit 
My soul 
My every pore 
Every gaping hole 
Your Spirit makes me alive 
Jolts me awake from my deep slumber 
Opens my eyes 
I wake up and smell the coffee 
Once burning hot 
Straight from the pot 
Now feeling lukewarm 
Calling the kettle black 
With no sugar or salt 
No flavour 
No longer the spice of life 
No longer the salt of the earth 
But He takes me into His embrace 
He warms me 
Filling me with life 
I burn I pine 
I thirst for Him and Him alone 
Fully salted
 Sweeter than ever 
Bursting with flavour and richness from Him 
My King 
My Lord 
I worship you 
Take me into your arms 
Rub salve on my eyes 
Clothe me in Your righteousness 
That I may be awake 
Be watchful 
Be the watchman You ordained me to be 
That I may bask in the glory of Your presence 
In Your presence 
For your glory...


ifbk contributor