Ashes to ashes and dust to dust 
We rise in the fire of the Spirit 
Like eagles born to fly
To find our rest and our strength in Him
To run the race and not be weary
To be made new
Made whole 
Designated as God's chosen people
Peculiar, set apart, to stand out
To rise above the crowd, 
surfing over the waves of animosity 
Soaring over the doldrums with 20/20 vision
He sees us
He knows us
He calls us His own
Reconciled back to Him under the Spirit of Adoption 
We find ourselves in Him
Seated in the heavenlies far above the rule of man
Far above the powers and principalities of this world
Armoured up
Rise children of the Most High! Rise! 
The time is coming, the time is here
Where the darkness grows upon the earth
But we shine bright like the sun
For in this darkness the glory of The Lord shines brighter
Darkness cannot comprehend Him
As His sons we shine, we rise like eagles
Flying, soaring far above the chaos and calamity
In the eye of the storm, the calm of the storm
For He told us to be still and know He is God
Calming the raging storms within with nothing but a word
For His word is Spirit and life
He is Spirit and life
In Him we have our resurrection
In Him we have LIFE
Dead and buried to sin, partaking in His death, His inheritance
We rise from the grave of our sinful natures
Putting to death our old selves 
We rise because in Him we live, we move and have our very being 
Soaring in the heavenlies
Rise children of the most high RISE
Rise to your mandate
Rise to your priesthood 
Rise up and take your authority
Rise up and take your inheritance 
For satan has no dominion here
Where Christ is the enemy cannot dwell 
Rise up and fulfil your original mandate 
Rise up and reconcile the earth back for the glory of The Lord 

(picture from panhala.net)


ifbk contributor