Style Crush - Julia Sarr-Jamois

Fashion editor at large for i-D, frequent collaborator with POP, Teen Vogue and Vogue Japan to name a few, Julia Sarr-Jamois is a well-dressed, multitalented goddess with a flare for styling and an eye for creative direction. She’s also insanely beautiful and has an impeccable personal style.

This is definitely my favourite look

Julia Sarr-jamois doesn't just dress well, she’s also making waves in the fashion industry and is good at what she does, so good in fact that her client list includes designer powerhouses such as Moschino, Ashley Williams and Sonia Rykiel.

Moschino S/S 12 (Styled by Sarr-Jamois)

Ashley Williams A/W 14 (Styled by Sarr-Jamois)

Her work is influenced by her impeccable personal taste, which undoubtedly inspires her own style. Quirkiness, texture, coloured faux fur and print aren't just signatures you see in her styling, look at the many street style pictures of her and you'll see them present in her personal style. 
Shoots where she’s styled the likes of Malaika Firth and Georgia May Jagger include bursts of colour, any prints, texture and coloured faux fur.

Styling Malaika Firth for i-D

I would describe her personal style with my favourite key words “eclectic and quirky” but the official name for the style is "Funky Offish". 

Coined by Pixie Geldof and designer friend Ashley Williams being “Funky Offish”, according to Sarr-Jamois is a “balancing act, too much funky and you end up looking like Lady Gaga. Too much offish and you’re like Maggie Thatcher”. It’s about looking funky but at the same time totally official or offish.
Imagine this, you’re going somewhere that requires you to look professional/official but you don’t want to look like everyone else, you want to put your own quirky spin on it and there you have it, funky offish. Think coloured faux fur, streetwear, loafer, silk PJs, prints and funky accessories, and you have yourself the Sarr-Jamois brand of funky offish.

Even when she’s just wearing jeans, she finds a way to make it work, the jeans could be über distressed, paired with a chic blazer or an eye catching sweater and she looks 
amazing in it!

Also, let us not forget to mention the hair! I am a big fan of big afros, I love the buoyancy, they make you look larger than life and they turn heads. Julia Sarr-Jamois is most definitely a head turner.  

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