Street Style - The Statement Skirt

Picture this, I'm at the Questreet Flea Market with my friend Jina and we pass this gorgeous girl sitting on one of the tables surrounded by people all vying for her attention, all wanting the chance to talk to her. She has this aura around her, a good natured laugh, a beautiful smile and to top it off she has platinum locks.  "That's Kim Hye In" Jina whispered to me, she's a very well known fashion blogger.

Just by looking at her you can see that she's got a little something, it's magnetic, it draws you in and you can't help but look at her. I took one look at her outfit and I knew I had to take her picture.

The standout piece of this outfit is the statement skirt from Lucky Chouette. Complete with a black waistband, an exposed side zip and ribbed detailing this skirt is all that and more. Did I forget to mention that the bold yellow tone of the skirt is eye catching, as is the fullness of the flared skirt.

The skirt is soft, stretchy and made of quality material, it's expensive but this statement piece is definitely worth investing in.
It flares out at the hip to give a playful look that can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion. 

With a yellow hued owl against the backdrop of a white tee this Lucky Chouette top is almost as eye catching as the skirt. It's cute and it gives the white tee summer trend a different twist by adding the owl graphic on the front. 
By tucking in the shirt and rolling up the sleeves she's immediately made it her own and made sure it's more fitted to her frame, this stops the shirt from looking too baggy, giving it a more fitted look.

The addition of the snapback and the sketchers complete this outfit, giving it a sporty yet feminine sillhouette.

Kim Hye In was an absolute joy to shoot, she was creative and posed beautifully, she even found a ball and used as a prop, all in all I think she's one of the best people I've taken pictures of and I'd love to shoot her again!

What do you think of her look? 
How would you wear the skirt differently and what's your favourite piece from this outfit?

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