Street Style - Busan

I had the pleasure of heading down to Busan for a 3 day weekend where I met a fellow photographer Kim JaeHyun of the awesome street style blog Echeveau.  I was very fortunate as he showed me one of the places he goes to to take pictures and in the couple of hours I was with him I managed to get some good pictures!

Check them out!

I decided to go down to Nampo and I met another
street photographer ^^
What I loved about Busan was that it had a very different vibe from Daegu. Everything seemed more relaxed, more laid back. 
Now we all know that things can be a bit fast paced in Korea but I definitely sensed a more relaxed atmosphere. That reflected in the way people dressed. 
The way they dressed was effortless, it didn't look like many people over thought their outfits (a few people did but I didn't take pictures of them LOL), people just seemed to know what looked good on them and rolled with it.
Even if they had spent hours agonizing over what they were going to wear they still came out looking effortless. 

I loved it and I'll definitely be back! 


ifbk contributor