Street Style - Monochrome

This is part 1 of a 4 part series of a more detailed look at some of the outfits I spotted in Seoul, I'll show you where they got their clothes from, and occasionally give you my version of these looks. 

Walking around the main streets of Hongdae were these two awesome looking high schoolers in very well put together outfits. 

I think it's rare to see younger teenagers putting together outfits with their own personal touches to it. I really do believe that the way you dress says a lot about you and your personality so it makes me happy to see teens who are dressed differently from people their age. It let's me know that they're developing their own personalities and thinking for themselves, I'm all for expressing one's individuality. 

What I love the most about this dress is the playful edge that it has about it.
Instead of leaving it up to the slogan to differentiate an other wise simple dress, the designer added some pleats to make this a standout dress, you could be a sailor or a cheerleader in this dress - it's up to you.
Dress | O!Oi

She's taken the Monochrome trend and the slogan trend and made it her own with a unique dress, some fresh kicks and a cute bag! The flower garland and the tote bag from Fun From Fun add a cutesy and girly feel to the outfit but the Adidas trainers keep the outfit from going overboard and being too girly. 

Tote Bag | Fun From Fun

Trainers | Adidas 

Here's what I would wear with this dress

I chose the Mickey Mouse bucket hat from Opening Ceremony because I felt it would add a sense of zaniness to the outfit. The coolness of a bucket hat mixed with classic Mickey Mouse, what's not to love?

The bat-winged backpack from Yesstyle does make this outfit a little crazy but I like it because it's not your average backpack, I do feel like this makes the outfit a little cute so I added the cutout boots with the cleated sole to give toughen up the outfit a little bit. 

This outfit is actually a bit crazy but I'm loving it, how would you have worn this dress? Let me know your ideas on what would look good with this dress, or whether or not you would have worn this dress!

Thanks for reading :)


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