Street Style - Lace

Summer. It's hot, humid and sweaty business, layering does not, I repeat DOES NOT seem like a good idea (unless you're wearing lightweight material).

How then should one dress now that the cold grip of winter is just a distant memory?
My question was answered when I spotted this well dressed high school girl up in Seoul. 


Pulling together an effortlessly polished ensemble, she looks stylish beyond her years. 
The outfit is eclectic and the pieces she's put together all hint toward her personality, it's everything from the unique sunglasses, to the lace top and back to that wicked ear cuff.  

The lace top is something I believe is a summer essential, simply because the design can make an outfit look gorgeously glamorous or indecently edgy whilst giving your skin room to breath without you feeling overheated in the summer sun. 

Everything in this outfit is Non-brand

Everything about this outfit is lightweight, I'm loving the skirt, the lace detailing above the hemline gives this look a cute playful edge especially when paired with those eye popping pastel coloured tights. 

The addition of the white socks and the Adidas Originals give this outfit and 80s throwback (love it!)

The cherry on top of all of this is undoubtedly the combination of those ultra structured horn rimmed sunglasses and the ear cuff, it's brilliant and detailed. Once again Korean teenagers are doing the most!

Lace is a versatile material, it's lightweight, it gives your skin some breathing space and you can use it for layering if you choose. The bottom line is: I need some lace. 

Thanks for reading! I just have one question: 
What do you consider a summer must have?


ifbk contributor