Tortes in Daegu

Tucked away on one of the backstreets of downtown Daegu is Die Torte, a dessert cafe with an incredibly laid back atmosphere. Dishing out delectable tortes and warming drinks Die Torte serves desserts that are literally to die for, they make a mean Oreo torte which goes great with their Green Tea. 

Our desserts were served on simple China plates accompanied by chocolate decorations emphasising the already aesthetically pleasing dish. The fact that they put your's and you friend's desserts on the same plate encourages sharing, something that is really big in Korean culture. 

We sat outside in the courtyard of this lovely cafe until the sun set and treated ourselves desserts ranging from strawberry to cookie tortes. What I loved about this place was that when the sun went down they brought out a projector and started playing Harry Potter on the screen in the courtyard. Just because the sun had set it didn't mean we had to go inside, we could still chill out and talk, especially since the weather is so much warmer these days. 

If you are looking for a place to chill out in Daegu I would definitely suggest hitting up Die Torte for some tasty dessert and stimulating conversation with your friends.  

They have great service and a lovely selection of desserts 

The Orea Torte is to die for 

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