So What's The Fashion Like in Korea? My thoughts after 2 months

As most of you wonderful people know, I've been living in Korea for the past 2 months and despite the odd hiccup here and there I am loving it over here! So I thought I'd put together a little something on my thoughts about the fashion here, based on what I've seen so far. 

I'll start with my favorite guys, they all (at least most of them) know the value of a good haircut. We all know how our hair can add that extra something to an outfit and these guys have impeccably styled hair. It's carefully coiffed, gelled, combed and groomed to perfection. 

The outfits are well put together, you have your gentlemen who emphasize clean lines, a good structured jacket and shoes that pull the whole outfit together. They have this way of putting together a classic old-world look with a modern twist. 

Then you have the eclectic guys who wouldn't look out of place if they were walking down the streets of Brick Lane in London. Pairing a good jacket with rolled up denim and a great bag. They have an offbeat sense of cookiness about them that I admire and it really does set them apart form the crowd. 

There are also the guys who blatantly love street fashion, that musically led, culture driven underground fashion. The guys love to look street, pairing their carefully accessorised beanies and snapbacks with popular streetwear brands, they make sure they stand out from the crowd. I hope you're noticing a trend here, I like to shoot people that look different from everyone else. 

Peep the Supreme bucket hat
from the guy on the left

Now for the girls! These ladies know how to dress and they want you to know it. 
With never a hair out of place and carefully done make up, their styles range from cute to grown up and glamorous to downright edgy. These girls love to play with their style and experiment. 

Now granted, when a trend comes in i.e. ripped jeans, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE decides to wear it, but you still have those cute and trendy ladies who take the style and make it their own.

You have the young girls who are just beginning to feel themselves out and discover their who they are (we all remember that awkward age right?). I find that these young girls have their own sense of quirkiness and sets them apart from their peers who may just copy something because that's what everyone's wearing.  

I'm also awed by the women who have a more grown up style, they are fashionable, well put together and effortlessly chic. From the way the mix colors to designers  these ladies know their stuff. They also know how to wear a good coat, the lady below in the camel trench coat looks amazing! She turned out to be the owner of the shop we took the picture in and I proceeded to buy a coat from her after I took this picture. 

 Another group I'm constantly floored by are the group of women who dress eclectically, they too would fit right in if you saw them on the streets of London. They mix vintage clothes with highstreet designers and come out still looking polished and beautiful but with a certain je ne sais quoi (yes, I just did that) about them.

 We are also graced by the presence of the ladies who love street fashion, just like their male counterparts they love to accessorise with beanies and snapbacks whilst bringing us the latest fashion. 

 Did you think I wasn't going to write about the couples? Korea is a very couply society, from mass celebrations such as Peppero day, to Valentine's Day and White Day, there are couples everywhere. They don't just match their sweaters and trainers (sneakers), they also match their underwear and coffee shops are packed full of these couples on weekends. 
So as you see, I can't be living in Korea and not talk about the couples. 

From matching hats and shoes to matching sweaters, the couples here are all about coordination. PDA is generally frowned upon in Korea so fashion seems to be an avenue that couples have taken to express their togetherness in public. 

While some go couples go over the top, there are some who effortlessly coordinate with each other in a way that turns heads. These boys and girls still retain their personal style whilst matching with their significant other.

 There's a couple I spotted whilst wandering around Jeonju hanok village (in Jeonju) during my first week in Korea. Whilst they were both rocking the same leather snapback, the guy took it to another level with a boxy teddy boy coat. This complemented his girlfriend's shearling gilet and her asymmetric tartan skirt. 

I spotted this impeccably dressed couple in Daegu that absolutely blew me away. They weren't even matching, they complemented each other completely. I loved his well tailored 3 piece suit as well as his perfectly coiffed hair, his outfit was complemented by his girlfriend's colour contrasting outfit and tailored jacket. The thing that really brings both outfits together is very subtle, it's the fact that they're both wearing rounded glasses. 

And finally, here's a couple I could hardly take my eyes of when I was in Seoul the other week, in my opinion this is one of the best dressed couples I have ever seen. Since them I haven't seen anyone that topped their effortless style. Yes they are both matching in terms of colour and inverted stripes but they look good doing it. 

From the woman's grey flat cap and the way she effortlessly drapes that sweater around her shoulders to the those cleat soled heels she looks amazing from head to toe.
Her boyfriend has mixed print and block colours, and experimented with layering in a way that gives him a bold look that I've been seeing more and more people wearing these days.  

I'm enjoying the fashion that I'm seeing in Korea, observing it through my camera lens really gives me a buzz and a great way to meet new people. So if you're around the Daegu area and you love to dress make sure you come down to Donseongno (동성로)! I'm there most weekends and I'd love to take your picture ;)


Have a nice day!


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