Style Crush - Yoon

Yoon, one half of Tokyo’s ultimate power fashion couple. Even if you don't know who she is you've undoubtedly seen her work.

If there’s one thing I love about her it’s that she is a jewellery maximalist, something I am not.
Born in South Korea and raised in the States she met her now husband in university, Verbal (of M-FLO and the Teriyaki Boys), and they both moved to Japan.

Rather than confining herself to just being a rapper’s wife she became his stylist, basically upgrading him from someone who copied stereotypical hip hop fashion to someone who sets trends and looks incredibly unique, with an offbeat cool. Later she became his partner in their successful design empire – Ambush designs – where they design everything from CD albums to high quality, unique jewellery that distinctly reflects the style and culture of Tokyo and it’s inhabitants.

What I love about Yoon is the fact that she is such a creative force and every piece of jewellery she designs is unique in its own way but at the same time you can see that each piece within a collection has a common motif that brings everything under one theme, one steady influence that lead to the collection in the first place.

The Ambush line started in 2008 started with the now classic fluorescent POW necklaces and rings as well as the metal eyeball barbell rings.


King POW! chain

Their latest collection, aptly titled NU ORDER, is old school hip hop meets medieval knight. The jewellery is excessive and in your face bringing you back to the days where Flavor Flav used to rock that huge clock around his neck and when kids used to steal car hood ornaments, wearing them as trophies around their necks. It's that hint of Game of Thrones and The Seventh Seal that gives each piece in the collection that edgy, unique look.
Peep some of the NU ORDER collection below.





Having moved to Korea last month I am understandably lacking in the accessories department at the moment, I brought one watch and one pair of earrings with me, my reasoning being that I would find tons of unique jewellery I liked.

Sadly that hasn’t happened yet, I’ve been to shops and browsed but nothing seems to catch my eye, it’s all too pretty, too girly, too similar and too bloody glittery.

I want something that reminds me of Ambush and looks tough and unique. Heck I don’t mind if it attracts attention, I get enough of that these days anyway, literally I get stared at when I go EVERYWHERE, I guess that’s part of being a foreigner in Korea.

With that being said, I think it’s time for me to well and truly step out of the box and embrace some more interesting pieces of jewellery, not just because they’re outlandish or because I’m desperate to stand out but because I think they are well and truly unique and also because I actually like them.

Thanks for reading :)


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