Street Style - Hongdae, Seoul

This weekend I found myself in Hongdae, it's the Brick Lane of Seoul. 
Everybody is about expressing their own quirky sense of individuality and not being ashamed of it, Hongdae is not about fitting in. 

I managed to get a few pictures of these well dressed locals whilst I soaked up the atmosphere and shopped like I haven't done for the past two years je ne regrette rien...

Check out the pictures below!

This guy was absolutely hilarious!

His hair colour drew me in...

The most well dressed couple I've laid eyes on since I was last in Daegu...

These shoes gave me life!

These were the funniest people to shoot, so full of life and energy.

What must I tame you?

The way they interacted with each other came across so naturally on camera...

I keep showing you pictures of them because their positive attitude was infectious

This is what happened when I told them to pose like models haha...

The guys look like kpop idols

So well put together...

The quirky student look

That's his wife in the background ^^

I had a great weekend!

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