90s Minimalism

It's an art form where anything that's not essential is unequivocally eliminated, the 90s response to the lavish excess of the 80s minimalism. We moved away from the big hair, bright colours and shoulder pads to the clean lines and neutral colour palettes, gone were the glamazon supermodels of the 80s, in came the waifs such as Kate Moss, spear heading the movement of designers such as Calvin Klein and Martin Margiela.

 I guess with minimalism you could say less is more, it's all about making a statement without being superfluous, in other words simplicity is key!

From that white button down shirt hanging in the back of your closet, to that sharply tailored suit, minimalism is stripped down, emphasising restraint.

I've been watching Law & Order reruns lately (don't ask) and I love the way powerful women dressed in the 90s, clean simple shift dresses, not a hair out of place. They looked polished.

I've put together two outfits, an evening look and a day look. 

Messenger Bag - Zara, £29.99
Leather Dress - Topshop, £120.00
Heels - Zara, £29.99
Bracelet - Miss Selfridges, £10.00
Lipstick - Barry M, £4.00

For the day outfit I've taken inspiration from the infamous Kathryn Merteuil from Cruel Intentions. Kathryn was ambitious, cold, calculating and downright wicked...she also dressed to kill. She knew how to work a power suit, looking clean and polished despite her dirty secrets. 

Okay, here it goes!

Leather Trousers - River Island, £25.00
White Shirt - Mango, £34.99
Suede Court Shoes - Topshop, £35.00
Chiffon Contrast Blazer - Topshop, £65.00
Mulberry Lipstick - Sleek, £4.00
90s Sunglasses - Topshop, £16.00

Thanks for reading!


ifbk contributor