Wardrobe Essentials - Flats

Why not invest in a pair of flats? Essential to every woman’s wardrobe flats range from classy to casual. Invest in these simple wardrobe essentials and take your outfits from being drab to fab without having to wear 6 inch heels!

Read the rest of this post to see which styles of flats I think are wardrobe essentials and how to wear them

The Loafer.

Get a load of these Tory Burch loafers! These metallic Careen Loafers complement tomboy-chic style, made from woven raffia material, glossed over with a gold metallic trim these flats are a definite wardrobe essential. 

Try wearing these with some red ankle grazing jeans to highlight the shoes and a cream colored shirt, drawing attention to your legs and ankles! Accessorize with a black oversized bag and a Michael Kors watch, add some red lipstick and eyeliner and you’re ready to go. A simple but essential part of your wardrobe that adds a classy touch to your day or office outfit. 

Ballerina Pumps

These flats are a definite staple every girl's wardrobe, they are another example of a simple wardrobe essential, we all need them! They go with almost everything. These ones from heel.com add a twist to the usual black ballerina pumps, using turquoise (p)leather  (LOL) and capping them in gold, it’s a refreshing twist on a classic wardrobe staple. 

Why not try wearing them with an ivory pleated midi skirt and a neon yellow shirt to give the outfit some color blocking and highlight these luscious flats. Add an on trend transparent clutch bag and you’ve officially given this classic outfit an edgy twist. Add some dark red lipstick and you’re ready to go!

The Lace Up Shoes 

Lace Up shoes are definitely another wardrobe essential, making any outfit look smarter. These are great because they can add a bit of tomboy chic to your outfit or you can use them to toughen up a more girly outfit. I’ve put together the ideal work outfit using these mustard Paul Smith lace up shoes (which are now on sale for £80 at coogles.com wooooh!), with a stacked wooden heel and leather insoles, these flats are comfortable and chic! 

Wear with a wine colored blazer and trousers, it creates an uninterrupted vertical line making you look thinner and taller. Add a white shirt to accentuate the color contrast between your flats and the suit, guaranteed to draw attention to these beautifully made Paul Smith shoes! Accessorize with a gold Marc Jacobs watch, dark plum lipstick and a leather satchel and you have a comfortable and über stylish outfit. (If you haven't already noticed, I have a thing for expensive watches I cannot afford *le sigh*, one day people, one day).

But this is an outfit I would definitely wear to work!

Bonus outfit: Creepers (I love them...I don't care what my auntie says ¬_¬ )

Check out these bad boys from Select! These black creepers provide the ideal canvas to add any detail to your outfit! These flats look good as part of an all black outfit, I’ve put together an outfit inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s character in the 1957 film Funny Face. 

Wear with a pair of black ankle grazing skinny jeans and a ¾ length black turtle neck, another slimming outfit, add a green Céline clutch bag, Ray-Bans and red lipstick and you have yourself a modern twist on a timeless classic outfit.  


ifbk contributor