Because I've always wanted to be a geisha girl....

I have what you can call a mild "obsession" with all things East Asian! I love the fashion, the tv shows (especially Kdrama), the food, the culture and of course, the people! So I'm feeling a bit Japanese today and I thought I'd put together a geisha girl inspired outfit for your viewing pleasure, have a look!

I've paired a River Island oriental biker jacket with a turquoise textured skirt from Topshop (as soon as I I get paid, I'm going to buy this!), I love how the colours from the jacket and the skirt complement each other, it's got a vibrancy to it (obviously not as nice as an actual yukata or kimono, but hey! I tried). Let us not forget the shoes in the corner! Urban Outfitters have outdone themselves on this one, these are a more Western version of traditional Japanese Okobo shoes worn by geishas (check out for images). The Wilbur & Gussie clutch bag is definitely my second favourite piece of the outfit, after the shoes of course. It's made out of woven silk, which would definitely give a more oriental twist to this outfit. I feel like the tiger motif on the front is definitely the highlight of the clutch. 
And as for the makeup, what respectable geisha would leave the Okiya (geisha house) without her red lipstick and a lick of eyeliner? 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Check below for the price list :)

Oriental Biker Jacket - River Island, £25 
Turquoise Textured Skirt - Topshop, £22
Soft V-Neck Cami - Topshop, £18
Charlie Raw Silk Clutch Bag - Wilbur & Gussie, £75
Deena & Ozzy Transparent Flatform Sandal - Urban Outfitters - £38


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