Style Crush - Duckie

Ladies and gentlemen, a moment of silence for this sweetheart! 
If anyone has ever watched Pretty in Pink (1986) you'll recognise the awesomeness of Duckie's style.

Pretty In Pink depicts the life of Andy Walsh, the girl from the 'wrong side of the tracks' - who by the way also has impecable style - and her romance with the 'school prince' Blane. Jon Cryer plays her adorable best friend Duckie, who harbours an unrequited love for our heroine.

What can I say about Duckie's style? For me it's a breath of fresh her that expresses the quirkiness of his character, there's nothing minimalist about this style, he puts together so many different accessories and aesthetics that could come out looking cluttered but on him it's refreshing and innovative (I love this word LOL, I'm going to start using this more). But yeah peep these pictures of Duckie and Andy (because we can't do a post on Pretty In Pink without showing its stylish heroine...I HATED her prom dress though ¬_¬ ).

Loved his prom outfit ^_^

Definite outfit inspiration here yo!

Have a nice day!


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