Style Crush - Solange Knowles

Okay let me first start off by declaring that I love Solange's style! From mix and match print on print, to bold summer colours, her shoe collection and of course, the hair.

She absolutely slayed at this year's Met Ball. This year's theme was Punk, with her take on it being AfroPunk, this is totally her. The opulent jewellery and the dress! I love this print, it complements her skin tone and the cut of the dress is amazing too, with the thigh skimming slit that borders on a cross between a maxi and a mini dress and neckline showing off her collarbone. Love it!

I'm loving this tailored silk suit, I feel that Solange wear suits very well, especially print on print suits (check out the pictures below) and the yellow brings out the glow in her skin tone. There's just something really sunny about the way she looks, it's very vibrant. 

Off duty style, riding around New York in this mustard playsuit, subtle colour blocking with the red bag.

One of the things I absolutely adore about Solange's style is the fact that she does afrocentric very well, whether it's mixed print, the statement accessories, her afro or her braids, she just looks on point and earthy.

Last year's Met Ball, in Rachel Roy

Citrus colours just suit her! This woman knows how to nail colour blocking (I'm gushing I know, don't judge me). This outfit just screams vibrance (I love that word).

Print on print! 
Okay so looking at all of these pictures is making me want to go and out together Solange inspired outfits and post them on this space!


ifbk contributor