S.O. - I Can Bear (Official Video)

WAAAAAAH! It's finally dropped! Nobody knows how much I love this song, from the heavy bass (listen to this on full blast with speakers or earphones) to the lyrical content.

The song speaks of relying on God during tough times, reminding us that through everything He will never give us more than we're able to bear (1 Corinthians 10:13). 
I feel that the song itself is amazing, from S.O.'s wordplay to the changes in cadence during the verse. 

The video itself is hilarious, showing that S.O. is able to have fun and not take himself too seriously. How can I even begin to describe the video? Well, the gym setting explains it all, despite our struggles, it's never too much for us to handle (hence the tiny weights being lifted). From the 80s aerobics get up to the Usain Bolt inspired poses and silly string, this video takes us on a journey that ensures us that through everything God is our strength and we indeed will never be given more than we can bear. 

Hope you guys enjoy it!



ifbk contributor