Okay so spoken word!

It's something that started pretty recently actually, around February to be exact. I'd just come back from weekend away aka Jesus Camp (which was amazing by the way), and I was sitting in a lecture (not listening...I was half asleep, I make it a point to sit and the front and sleep in every lecture...don't ask me why it just happens) and I noticed that my hands smelt like the coffee I'd spilt on my self earlier in the day, at first I was like "eugh, why do I smell like this?" and then words just started to come to mind and I ended up writing my first piece all over my lecture handout and I've been writing ever since.

Quite a few of them are written from a personal standpoint, a lot of it has to do with Christ (of course), but yeah, the next post is my first ever spoken word, entitled "Coffee Break" (yes I was under the influence of caffeine don't judge me).


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